Brook Jeffers


Brook has worked in veterinary medicine for almost 30 years. She started working in the kennels, then helped where anyone needed her. She is a team player, hard working, and loves having fun!
Brook has worked front desk reception for 19 years and has a business Associate’s degree from Indiana Business College. Brook graduated with honors and dean’s list every quarter. She enjoys greeting clients and making sure they feel welcomed every time someone comes into the door, and greets them with a smile! She is pleasant to be around and likes to make others laugh! In Brook’s world, it is a choice to make it a great day!
Brook has a Rottweiler, who acts like a kitty! Her name is Ariel, who is absolutely precious! Ariel gets beat up on a daily basis by her 3 sibling cats, then they all sleep together and cuddle at night! Brook would like a baby skunk some day! She has collected ceramic skunks and skunk
stuffed animals ever since she was a child, and she probably got that from her mother, who also collected skunks! Her mother had her wildlife license and worked at the post office so Brook grew up with baby raccoons and baby possums and every other critter that was dropped off at
their house to help!
Brook is a tropical fish hobbyist and has two 125 gallon aquariums. She raises Iridescent, Sharks, Catfish, Angle fish, Knife fish, Oscars, Cichlids, Eels and Puffer fish. Brook would like to bring a fish to work, but all of her fish are monster fish! Brook has wanted to have a saltwater
aquarium but has not yet mastered that, give her time! Brook had Starfish and Seahorses when she was a child and has also rescued 2 leopard geckos who now have grown on her to where she is in love!

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